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For Rehearsal Enquiries - Text James: 07581 117 884 




Welcome to the best rehearsal rooms in the area, you'll find rehearsing in our spacious well equipped rooms an enjoyable, productive & creative experience.


We have nine rooms, six in the main building & three in the white house.

As standard each room has..........


  • Drum Kit, Bass Drum, snare, floor tom, 2x rack toms,

  • hi hat stand, 3x cymbal stands

  • Bass Amp

  • P.A.

  • 2x Mic & Stands


Additional amps & speaker cabinets, stands, microphones & cables are available subject to availability.

We cannot guarantee which amp you will get, priority goes to clients with block bookings, we will provide you with something of a decent standard.
One of the attractions of rehearsing at The Faktory is you can just walk in with your guitars & start your session very quickly but you cannot beat using your own gear if you are used to it!

What's NOT included


Cymbals, cymbal protectors & any additional or unusual items.

  • Double bass drum pedals

  • Keyboard stands

  • Music stands

  • Instruments


The best way to book is using our online booking system, or by text, especially for block bookings not available online, on 07581 117 884

Include the following information in your booking.


  • Your name & band name

  • The date you want

  • The time you want, start & finish

  • Equipment you want


Rehearsal sessions are priced at £10 per hour, the minimum you can book is two hours.
We are open for rehearsals 7 days a week from 12noon to 12 midnight.


* Cancellation fees apply
Less than 48hrs notice, £10
Less than 24hrs notice, full price of session.

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