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Nick McCabe :visiting producer, mastering and recording engineer, at Faktory Studios.
My work from day one with the Verve encompassed studio centric areas – happier as a backroom character, capturing demos and sonic experimentation were always my domain and forte from the very earliest incarnations of the band in 1987.
With The Verve, Black Submarine and an extensive list of side projects, my work with electronics and guitar soundscaping has always been counterbalanced by an emphasis on capturing the energy and chemistry of collaborative musical entities. I’ve attained broad perspectives from my 30 years in music not only in the technical but also the personal and political demands of creating great work.

My technical background is as a producer and synthesist firstly, guitarist secondly.  My role as producer emerged out of both necessity and passion and my engineering abilities  are both acquired “in the field”, learning from some of the 20th Century’s greatest producers, but also through study, formalised very recently at Stafford University, straight distinctions on their MSc course, where I also regularly lecture on all aspects of music production, technology and composition.

Services I offer, both in person at Faktory or remotely:
Session guitar/electronics
Spatialisation & ‘Sonic Art’/Electroacoustics
Education: guitar, DAW usage, also instruction and guidance in Max/MSP, Csound, PureData
(Skype sessions available)

I’m platform agnostic, equally happy in Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Ardour, but I “live” mostly in Logic and know that DAW inside out, and I’m a veteran ProTools user from 1997, now with academic distinction in its usage.

My conception of music is vast and scholarly, my tastes ranging from Hip hop to Musiqué Conrète: genre is an old fashioned concept, great music is about transcending narrow boundaries. I look forward to working with you at Faktory.


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